Compare and buy Bitcoin in the UK

BeMoreBitcoin helps you to find the best places to buy bitcoin in the UK. View the current bitcoin price below from various sites with a link to click through, confirm the amount you would like and to purchase.

Different sites will suit different people's needs. Quantity, speed of purchase, security and of course price can all have a part to play in deciding which site to purchase from.


The bitcoin price can change rapidly, but it's best not to jump in because of a fear of missing out. Most of the time panicking isn't a good idea and you won't miss your chance to buy. Some people suggest it is best to buy small amounts of bitcoin over a longer period of time. This strategy for investment is known as dollar cost averaging. With this method you should avoid ending up purchasing your bitcoin at the very peak. There is a risk you could miss out buying at the perfect low price, but much like selling at the peak this is very difficult to time!

It is good to shop around, especially if you are planning to purchase a significant amount. There can also be hidden fees and currency exchange rates to consider if you are not purchasing in sterling and based in the UK.

Some UK banks do also have restrictions on purchases of crypto currencies so you could find your account to be frozen or some additional checks made to allow you to make the trade. If you are purchasing from a company you have not heard of before or are unsure of their credibility it is a good idea to carry out some due diligence.

  • Carry out a quick google, looking for reviews, or even news articles on the company or seller. Beware some companies can create fake reviews to give their brand credibility.
  • Check the company has an office address and take a look on google street view to see if the company is based there or even if there is a building.
  • Purchase a small amount first, checking that you receive your bitcoin.
  • If the company has a telephone number or chat messenger see if you can talk to someone, even how they come across can be a clue as to what sort of company they could be representing.

Buying bitcoin in the UK isn't as difficult as it once was, with more options being made available all the time, and improvements to purchasing systems, exchanges and apps. Once you have purchased your bitcoin be sure to store them securely. There are many stories of people who have bought bitcoin, done very well and then lost or had their bitcoin stolen. For more information on storage check out our page here.