Compare and Buy Bitcoin in Ireland

We search and compare to save you time and money.

BeMoreBitcoin look up real time bitcoin prices in Ireland to help find the best bitcoin price. We compare Irish bitcoin prices from companies based in Ireland and companies that can provide bitcoin to people in Ireland. Prices are shown in Euros and may not reflect final cost. Buying bitcoin online can help you to get bitcoin faster and at a better rate. You may need to provide identity information to purchase but this is getting more and more common for crypto currency in general. Other options are to buy through a bitcoin ATM or face to face. These methods have advantages and disadvantages, potentially faster and with out Know Your Customer checks however less secure and more costly. Outside of Dublin, Cork and Galway you may struggle to find an atm to purchase bitcoin.


Things to Know About Buying Bitcoin in Ireland

There are many places to buy Bitcoin in Ireland but it can take sometime to confirm which place best suits your needs. Depending on fee structure some exchanges can be cheaper depending on the amount you wish to purchase.

It can be a good ideal to not buy all at once or stagger purchases over several days. This helps to ensure you do not buy at the very peak of a market, it can also you help to confirm how the process with your selected supplier works.

Looking at the information we provide can help you to identify the best company for you, more established companies or better pricing being important in helping to make your decision. If you are still unsure it is good to do your own checks on the seller. This can take only a few minutes but could help to avoid a costly mistake. With Ireland's active tech scene and high number of workers in IT, eccommerce and social media there is an active bitcoin community to help you in your journey.

With large payments some banks may block or check for confirmation before approving, different banks will have different procedures and currently these look to still be in flux. It may be good to do some research to find your banks policy, especially if using your main account and if you will be needing to make payments using it in the near future. Issues will be much less common than a few years ago with banks being much more aware of the sector.

Once you have purchased your Bitcoin it is good to ensure you have stored them safely and have a backup held in a separate location, you can learn more here, Store Bitcoin.

It is also not advised to let other know how much you have purchased as if someone gains access to your wallet it will be difficult to get back. It may not be tempting now but if bitcoin prices rise significantly you could become more of a target. Although it is not advised to tell anyone it is a good idea to keep some details in your will about it!

Capital gains tax in Ireland is currently 33% so this is something to keep in mind when looking at it as an investment. This does not just apply to selling your crypto savings but also to exchanging it for other goods or services. These rules may change in time, or be clarified for crypto specific gains but for now a substantial amount of tax can be due so it is important to plan for this.

There are some positives however, with so many young tech sector worker, and an interest in early adoption you shouldn't be stuck finding a group of like minded people if you want to learn more. Reddit and MeetUp can both provide good opportunities with previous bitcoin groups meeting in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway.