How to mine bitcoin.

Theres a couple of popular ways to get bitcoin. You can buy it, or you can mine it. Depending on the current price of bitcoin, the cost of hardware, the mining difficulty and electricity it can be better to buy or or mine it.

If you are thinking about mining bitcoin, either as a hobby or to invest there are a few things to keep in mind. People all over the world are mining, and you are competing with these miners to solve the next block. Some of these users will have little to no electricity cost and have the most efficient equipment, others will be running off their desktop PCs. Once you have your equipment setup you need to then setup your mining software. You can mine as an individual or join a pool or miners. After this you just need to keep an eye on the price, your electicity costs and how hot your graphics card is getting!

Mining Equipment

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Mining Pool

Slush Pool - The world's first bitcoin mining pool.