If I had bought bitcoin years ago how much would they be worth now?

Have you ever wondered how many bitcoin you could have bought?

Why not use our handy tool below to see how many bitcoin you could have bought and how much it would have been worth now! We take the value at the time and assuming you managed to hold on to them show much how those bitcoin would be worth now.


Did you have the chance to buy bitcoin in the past? Or maybe a friend suggested you buy some and you didn't get around to putting some money aside to invest in bitcoin. Maybe even you had bought bitcoin and then sold your bitcoin, or worse yet forgot your private keys! With our bitcoin pricing tool you can find out how many bitcoin you could have bought anytime in the past 5 years and how much that would be worth now.

Can you think of the first time you heard about bitcoin, or cryptocurrency? Did you buy something else, or put your money into another investment? You can use the bitcoin pricing tool above to see how much, more or less, an investment in bitcoin would have made you. You can see if you could have bought bitcoin at the right time and if you had really missed an opportunity or now. Maybe actually it may not have been that big a loss, it all just depends when you could have bought bitcoin and what the market was doing at the time. When writing this the bitcoin price is very stable, it is down from its peak in January 2018 but much higher than ever before that. Maybe some of you will be looking at how much you would have lost if you had bought in January 2018. If you had managed to convince your wife to mortgage the house then watch the bitcoin price drop sharply it could be a very different story. Nobody can tell you what the bitcoin price will be next month, never mind what it will be next year, but we can look back at last month, or last year using our bitcoin tool to see how things have changed.

bitcoin price over time UK GBP

With the drop in the value of the pound against the dollar and the euro, how your investment could look for someone in the UK could be very different from someone in the United States or European Union who had bought bitcoin at the right time. There is generally not a huge difference between the bitcoin price around the world but occasionally in markets with limited supply the cost can spike. Or with a fear of bitcoin becoming more regulated in a region you can see an increase in sellers. In the UK there has not been any significant government interventions that have caused a sharp reaction within the UK bitcoin market. The UK market though small is interlinked with the rest of world the market, with any opportunities in price difference being taken advantage of with a process called arbitrage.

The bitcoin pricing widget can give you some idea of how much you would have had to invest and when to make a big difference, it could have been more than you thought. The bitcoin pricing widget takes the value at the time, and the amount you would have invested to then look at how much would be worth now. Of course with this increase in value you could have incurred some tax so the total value shown in the bitcoin widget might not be quite what it seemed.

We have also included several companies that you can buy bitcoin from in the UK, Paymium, CEX, Bittylicous, Coinmama and Local Bitcoins.