The Be More Bitcoin Quiz

Try our bitcoin quiz to test your knowledge of bitcoin and cyptocurrency. The world of bitcoin is always changing with this week's death of bitcoin being an old memory next week, and bitcoin's next killer app this week being bitcoin's next killer app next week. You can actually see the bitcoin obituary here, Bitcoin Obituaries. From here you can see just how convinced people were at different times that it was all over so just hodl on!

Hopefully our quiz can test your knowledge of bitcoin or maybe lead you to find some of the more famous stories from bitcoin's past. We have put together 8 questions related to the early days of bitcoin, the technology and the companies working with bitcoin. See if you can get 100% first time, or challenge your friends to see if they are all talk! Every week there is a new crisis in bitcoin, somewhere in the world people are discovering it while others are giving up and selling their stash, in a few years these questions could just show how different we see bitcoin now. Whether you don't get any correct or all full marks you could still be ahead of the game, there are many others who have never even heard of bitcoin or have dismissed it without a second thought.

Bitcoin quiz questions info below.

Question 1, the bitcoin first purchase is a pretty famous story, you can read a bit more about it here, Bitcoin's first transaction.

Question 2, once you have been involved in bitcoin for a while you will notice criticisms are levelled at the exchanges, "not your keys, not your coins", but with all their flaws they are then compared with the existing banking systems, issues, breaches, fines and hacks of the past.

Question 3, you can learn a bit more about the lightning network here, one of several bitcoin second layer solutions, Bitcoin's Lightning Network.

Question 4, hopefully you know this one! Every once in a while you will see an announcement where the bitcoin symbol has been added to a new platform.

Question 5, to find out about this very famous mountain in the world of bitcoin check it out, Bitcoin's Mountain, it was very much more like mount vesuvius than mount everest.

Question 6, quick summary of country's stances on bitcoin can be seen here, Bitcoin's Status.

Question 7, cryptocurrency and a group of people working on electronic cash existed before bitcoin, with each update people learning more about how they could make this work. Before Bitcoin.

Question 8, when the final bitcoin will be mined could change but you can see stats on bitcoin here, Bitcoin Mined.

Have fun and enjoy our quiz on bitcoin!