Words of the Week - 04/11/2018

Each week we look at the top words contained in the most commented posts on the bitcoin subreddit. From here we can see how the bitcoin conversation is evolving, from innovation, technical discussions, payments or investments, controversies and everything else that makes the world of bitcoin.

Over time we will build up the complexity of our word monitoring and see if we can draw parallels between past trends and if people's sentiment is an indicator of things to come or a reflection of what is already happening.

bitcoin words 27/10/2018

The most important words this week are shown below. Importance is weighted by the number of posts containing the word as well as the number of comments related to that post.

  • bitcoin
  • you
  • btc
  • crypto
  • 2018
  • new
  • tax
  • paul
  • ron
  • discussion
  • capital
  • gains

  • A few of these are all very obvious, as you would expect, with maybe more focus now on people looking at the consequences of investing in bitcoin and how they will deal with tax and capital gains.

    Within the top 100 there is little discussion about technical or monetary use but much more focus on exchanges and investing.

    More interesting is the comparison with the same period last year, just at the beginning of the bull run.

    Words of the Week - 05/11/2017

  • bitcoin
  • my
  • btc
  • we
  • worth
  • you
  • price
  • years
  • new
  • at
  • buy
  • which

  • Last year there was no mention of tax, or capital gains in the top 10 words, or even the top 100, with "crash", "bubble", and "down" all appearing higher in the list.

    Looking at the top comments there was little to suggest the surge would continue.

    bitcoin words 05/11/2017