Bitcoin Trading Game

You start with a big heart and a big old bitcoin, play our mini game to see how much you could have made trading bitcoin.

Time it right and increase your bitcoin holdings! Sell at the peaks and buy when everyone else had given up hope.


Play the BeMoreBitcoin Bitcoin Trading Game

You start in early 2010... not a lot of people know about bitcoin yet but you have been given 1 bitcoin and fee free trading! Play the bitcoin trading game and see how much you could have made with the advantage of course of knowing the future this time. You'll find out it's not as easy to play the bitcoin trading game as you think. Even if you know what's going to happen, getting it right isn't always easy!

You can see how other people have got on trading bitcoin, see their scores on our leadboard.

You can chose to buy, sell or hold your bitcoin as the time passes. Using the sliders you can control what percentage of your cash or bitcoin you wish to buy or sell. To get the highest scores in the bitcoin trading game you need to take risks and sell all your bitcoin at just the right time, and then buy back in again just at the right time.

The game starts with each second representing 31 days, so around 1 month per second but you can speed this up or slow it down depending on how serious you want to take it! With the game set at 1 month per second the full game will take around 2 minutes so it is't too bad, but if you slow it right down you could spend an hour.

If you can remember when the big bear and bull markets were this should really help in your quest to be a bitcoin whale. Of course if you don't get the game quite right you can restart and try again, something a lot of people in real life wish they had the chance to do.

Once you have reached today the game will be over, you can leave your value in cash or bitcoin, and then save your score to our leaderboard. If you enjoyed the game don't forget to share it.

If you have a friend who likes to talk about chart analysis or patterns but always in the past tense, set them down infront of this and see how well they do trading bitcoin, it might not be as easy as they say.


See if you can top the table with one of the challenges below.

  • Finish the game with the most bitcoin.
  • Finish the game with the most dollars.
  • Finish the game with as close to $9000 as possible.
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